Thursday, February 28, 2013

TTT ~ Ten Things Thursday

1.  I am flying home to cold ass balls cold cloudy rainy damp wintery cold NY in two hours.

2.  Mo is staying until Tuesday - because he needs a mental health brea

3.  I guess I am relaxed....

4.  I feel puffy even though I ran all three days in a row....probably shouldn't have ate all that Edy's froyo

5.  Tripadvisor is the SHIT - we found a kick ass restaurant here in FL - the Food Shack ~ so fresh and so yummy!  The best god dam Fish Taco on the planet - FYI - I only ate half and brought the rest home.
6.  My office this week ~ note my assitant - bowl of edys. Bad Girl

7.  Actually I'm looking forward to MTB again.  May even go shred this afternoon when I get home.

8.  20 pounds by June 1 is the goal - As I don't have a scale in FL - I'm going to pretend I just lost 10 and got a nice tan

9.  Silver linings Play book - awesome flick - Go see it

10.  My email is blowing up - the second I land, my biz partner leaves for a weekend out of town - tag, I'm it!  Nothing like a little stress as I'm leaving vacation.

10a.  Found an organic publix -....I almost sent for the dogs and moved in.



  1. Oh lordy that food all looks yummy...I am going to see silverlinings playbook this weekend..can't wait!

  2. Hmmm can I do 20 by 6/1? Probably. I think I will do this with you. /nod : )

  3. I am on the wagon with Cat and you Warrior! I will shed those pesky 20 by 6/1! :) Love the 10 things Thursday as usual.

  4. Every time I come home from vacation in winter, I wonder why in the hell I live here?!!? I mean really, I COULD live someplace where I do not have to deal with winter. Hawaii or soemthing. Of course, I wodul have to live on the streets since I coudl never actually afford it..... damn- just ruined that dream for myself.
    Welcome home.
    20 Lbs by June 1- Yes, that sounds like a plan, let's do it!