Monday, February 18, 2013

Mental Health Monday

Sometimes you have to-  stop. drop. shut 'em down open up shop.....
sorry - DMX on the brain.

Today I checked out for the afternoon and took a mental health day at a Spa on the Ocean in Montauk - Gurney's Inn.  I still had email so was able to be in touch minimally but there is no cell service there...  I might move in.

They have a full gym so after swiming (indoor saltwater pool over looking the ocean) I soaked in the roman bath, then sauna, then hit the Elliptical and Dreadmill for an hour - working out is so much better when you have a vista - crushed 600 calories. 

Post workout - steam room/sauna then hung by the pool and napped in the sun - Its kinda of like prep for vacation.

I am so relaxed and have decided from this point forward I will be there every Monday.  Its only 40 dollars to use everything - and you get a robe/towels/sandals/locker.  Much much cheaper than a therapist!

This is the best way to make it through the winter blues.

Screw you 20 degree weather!

Trivial Pursuit night at The Palm last night- so much fun winning!

This is what I was looking at today while working out  - instant mood stableizer



  1. I am beyond jealous! :) That sounds AWESOME!


  2. Even with the snow covered grounds it seems alluring and exotic. I'm turning into a little green monster.

  3. Oh my gosh! I am so jealous! I can't believe it is only 40 bucks! I would make it a point to have one mental health Monday a month!
    I bet you are ready to crush the rest of the week! Good work on the 600 calories Warrior and on taking a break and hitting the reset button!

  4. So beautiful. I wish it was 20 degrees here...especially during my long runs:)

  5. WOW!!! That is amazing!! What beautiful pictures! Totally want to go there!! Excellent decision to treat yourself today and great workout!

  6. Oh man, I think that's a great investment! I could just hang there all day. Is the wine included? What about food? I need a place like that here in wintry Wisconsin!