Friday, February 15, 2013

Whats in your Desk? And proof that I have ADD

Yes, I'm addicted to Extra Gum.  And yup thats the emergency Vodka...don't be shocked....sometimes its necessary.

Hope you guys had a great Valentines Day!
Mo got me flowers ~ Hydrangeas are my fav!  We went out for a drink and a snack. 

 More snow on the way for Eastern Long Island this weekend.  Boooo!  I'm not thrilled.  We have a crazy busy weekend ahead of us....Presidents Day weekend is the busiest for real estate out here - Everyone from NYC comes out to secure their summer rentals.  I am not a fan of rentals - they are a lot of work for very little money but you never know - renters turn into buyers and Landlords turn into sellers.

I never made it to TRX yesterday....Didn't get done with work until after 6....boooo.

Its warm out - I shall run on the road this morning.  Yay! 

But first - having some scrambled eggs.  I miss my Mountain Biking...the trails are under about 6inches of heavy crusty snow - impossible to ride. 



  1. Beautiful flowers! I have protein bars, lifesaver mints, cough drops, and a small bottle of Kinky alcohol in my desk drawer too that a co-worker passed around!

  2. OMG the alcohol made me giggle!

  3. PB2, stevia, fiber cereal (pre-packed by me for my morning yogurt breakfast concoction), makeup, stamps, business cards, pennies, tea, eclipse gum (only 1 pack, though!) tylenol, nailfile, and listerine strips.

    I need an emergency bottle of kaluha or something :)

  4. I have one bajillion boxes of gum in my desk drawer as well! I shall take a picture next week and post it.

  5. holy crap, more snow? You guys are really getting lucky this winter.

    I so need some emergency liquor up in here. Hey, vodka and water are the same "color" I could totally get away with that.

  6. Send me some of that snow....I would love a snow day! My desk drawer has all the traditional "teacher" stuff in it...pens, markers, stickers, scissors, calculator, more stickers, candy, my magic princess wand, a crazy eight ball, Uno cards, and of course, chocolate. There are certainly days that I need the Vodka...but I wouldn't have a job for long if I brought Vodka into a middle school :)

  7. Snow is only good when it is a cause to get off work for the whole day as a snow day! Ha! My desk drawer really only has office supplies and a single snack bag of health'ish popcorn. : )

  8. Beautiful flowers! I love hydrangeas too. We used them as centerpieces for our wedding last May. I woke up to snow this morning too. I'm done . . .bring on spring. Good luck with the long weekend. Fingers crossed for good money. :-)