Saturday, February 23, 2013

Traveling ~ 166.0

Theres the daily scale bounce.

Traveling gets my band in a knot - always tighter than normal - but its uber tight this morning - probably because I'm over whelmed with the amount of crap I have to do before we leave -
And # 1 on that list is make the house look like we live like normal people and not hillbillies.  
We have friends staying with the all the things I overlook on a weekly basis -like huge dust balls, the piles of paper on my desk, the clothes everywhere in our room - all have to be organized like we don't live the way we do.
I realized why I'm a slob - its because I'm OCD - if I can't have it perfect I won't do it at all - sound familiar?  Yes, this applies to diet and exercise - I've gotten better at being more even and moderate in this area - however - house work...not so much.
Oh well - there is nothing like friends judging your messy nest to make you vaccume and scrub. - Even the dogs.

So rather than clean right now, or do laundry or pack - I'm shopping on and blogging...I shine under pressure and last minute hail marys.

And I just bought this swim suit - that I won't have for Florida but it was too awesome not to own.  Going to run now..

Any good books I should download for vacation?  Would love some suggestions - something fun and quick and maybe something life changing...I'm open to whatever!     


  1. Vanessa, that is super cute!


  2. Super cute swim suit! You're vacations is going to be great!

  3. OMG I love that suit. and I know you will look great in it.....I need a new suit....