Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vanessa and the Magic Coat

Daaaaam I love my coat ~  yesterday rocked.

Due to nerves I ate nothing until 2pm - and had soup and some french fries at a business lunch - I didn't want to risk getting stuck with people I don't know.
We did lots of walking, our meetings all went really well and I can't wait to go back in a week or so.  
Its great for our business to be accessable to our clients in the off season.. and that means schelpping into the city. 
I honestly don't know how people do it all day everyday in the concrete puts an extra stress level on me that wiped me out.  

The good news is - today is salon day - gettin my hair did and  mani pedi ~ much needed.

So, I guess the NSV yesterday was being smushed into a bus and not taking up more than one seat...and running all over the city having meetings and feeling like a Boss.  Yeah I did that.



  1. Are your in city meetings to arrange houses for the summer people?
    Also I bet you looked like a million bucks! /hearts

  2. I am sure you were a Boss! Keep it up Warrior!

  3. You rock!
    Only problem wtih days like yours is that I usually arrive home tired and hungry and I end up eating something stupid, like 3 bowls of cheerios!
    Glad you had an awesome day and keep up the great work.

  4. Holy crap. I've never known anyone else with magic clothes.

    Enjoy your salon day. xx

  5. I love that you bought a MAGIC coat.

  6. It sounds like a great day! And that is a HUGE nsv! I used to be so self conscious about having a seat on the subway and the way people would look at the seat next to me before going somewhere else that I would stand. It was the same look of dread as when I flew somewhere. I am so thankful that it's no longer an issue. YAY for your band! But an even bigger YAY for the way you rock your band!

  7. I love the city-- but I am more of a city than a country mouse, so what the hey.
    I totally relate to the food choices you made for your meeting-- I think we all think twice about eating in a 'new' group and getting stuck... hmmm.

  8. So jealous of your salon day! ENJOY!

  9. "Vanessa and the Magic Coat" LOL love the title.