Monday, February 11, 2013

And Begin... Again ***updated with weigh in***

I spent last night shopping online and filling whishlists on my two favorite sites ~ modcloth and zappos.

Do you all ever build a fantasy life through shopping online?  Like once you purchase all of these cool clothes your life will be instantly awesomer and fabulous?  I do.

But before I can click checkout, I have to get my ass back in gear.  

Here's how it happening.  

First off - I have an appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday for a check up..I'm a bit nervous about the scale..lets face it - I've been binging my way through this blizzard.  I doubt she'll give me a fill but I'm sure I'll get a stern talking to!

Second - I'm living vicariously thought my friend Livia who is starting liquids in two days in prep for her surgery - I'm going to go on liquids with her in Solidarity.  I'll have one healthy meal a day - the rest - liquids

Third - Work out 6 days a week.
Treadmill 5 days, weights 2x and then TRX on Thursday

So - I haven't been on the scale in two weeks and I'm terrified it says 170 *** Actually 168.4 post run  ~ YIKES!*****....And Lane Bryant keeps sending me emails to come back and way - not nevah!  So for shits and giggles - lets say once I get to 160 - I'll get to purchase one two items from my cart on Modcloth... photo below
So Begin - Back on Track!




  1. You got this...and I see shopping in your future!

  2. Ooh, looks like shopping will be in order real soon! You go girl!

  3. Good motivation to do it with a friend! I too am starting pre-op on Feb 18 and mine is two shakes and a light meal for the third....more excited than nervous which is crazy. good luck...both the top and purse are adorable!

  4. I have no doubt you will be getting those in the mail soon!!

    I shop like that too. Fill my shopping cart up and then click the empty cart. Oh the damage I could do if I were wealthy.

  5. Ooh, ooh! I love both of those items! You have great taste.
    You can do it. I have complete confidence in you!

  6. If that isn't motivation, I don't know what is!! You can do it!

  7. my oh-shit, oh-shit, oh-shit weight showed up today too.... then the weigh at the doctors office. I am officially afriad and will be loosing weight.

  8. I love that blouse! It will look fabulous on you!