Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back on that bronc

Yep - that's how I'm calling this.  Its like riding a horse - if you get thrown you have to get right back on or fear will set in....and then how are you going to get to your destination? 

Yesterday - how'd I do?
 50 mins on Treadmill - 450 cal burned 
Protein Shakes x 2 and kitcheree - a low cal high protein mung bean stew.
1 S'more - while watching Girls at a friends house - not bad considering she wanted to deep fry french fries and I talked her out of it.
NO  WINE! yay - I feel good this morning!

Girls on HBO - my now favorite show.  I have to catch up on season 1 - that may require a snow day.

***I caught part of TBL last night - Why in the world are these women upset that they only lost 4 pounds or 6 pounds in a week?  Those numbers are rediculous!  ***

Today -
I'll get on that treadmill again - and work.
Protein shakes
Going to see Dr Mehta this afternoon ~ Its Fat Tuesday - how appropriate....knowing she'll kick my ass and not give me a fill as the weight gain is from sliders and chocolate.
Will be stopping at Target and check out Prabal Gurung's collection.

Eddie went to the vet yesterday and I got a lecture there too...he is 50 pounds....yikes!  Winter weight - he should be aroun 39 Pounds.

And for more motivation  - here is another treat from my modcloth wishlist 
Sammy on the tundra

Eddie hates the scale too

Yesterday morning cool down

Sammy, Eddie and Moose group dig



  1. I feel like that next to the scale....

  2. I love this analogy and the modcloth swimsuit! Get at it Warrior!

  3. You're back on . . .remember . . .progress, not perfection. Keep up the great work!

  4. I stopped watching biggest looser for that same reason. How inspiring is it to see people whine and cry " I failed my team!" if they didn't loose a double digit that's ridiculous, too much pressure!

  5. Yeah, I absolutely dislike when TBL contestants cry and whine over "only" having lost 5 lbs or something. I guess it's because their whole existence at this time is about fitness and nutrition and so if I were able to work out for hours a day every day with a very motivating trainer I would probably expect more too.

    Love your boys, love that mod cloth suit and it will look KILLA on you sista. /heart u

  6. Glad to hear you're back at it! Keep going with that wish list!