Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzards are fun

If you have power that is....
We lost power at 6:30 Friday night. I spent the last day and half home keeping the fire going so the dogs and pipes wouldn't freeze.  Urgh - I can not speak of the food....
My friend has her surgery scheduled for the 20th! I'm so excited for her.  The journey is life changing!

Speaking of life changing....some things have to change around here...
Challenges don't work but what does work or I hope will work is bribery.  When the scale says 155 I will spend 500 smackers on clothes from  Their stuff is adorable and I really want some new stylish stuff.  And then When it says 149 - I will spend another 500 smackers at zappos!  
Online shopping gets me motivated.  

We spent the last two nights sleeping on a mattress in the living room in front of the fire with the dogs....cozy- sure, restful...not so much.  Looking forward to getting back to normal.
The power just came on and its a beautiful day! I'll be taking the dogs for a run and me for a power hike.  

Here are some pics from the blizzard of '13....

My rad stripes...

The power goes out and we turn to wine and chocolate

Our "bedroom" Sammy thought this was how life should be...

uhhhhh....this happened

our heat source #Amish

Yes - this is only a foot - some people got 30 inches - what a pain in the ass!

Morning # 2 with Eddie in Bed - dogs make great heaters




  1. Glad to hear you are doing ok. We've been getting news of the blizzard that pounded the east coast. Love your hair color!

  2. Sometimes chocolate and wine should be used in case of emergency- and that usualloy leads to adult fun time that burns off the dammage ;)
    Glad you kept warm and that you have power again. oh, and Ilove the pics of the pups

  3. So happy your heat is back on!! My dog would think that is how life should happen with a bed in the living room too!
    Shopping motivation is always a good thing, especially from mod cloth! I so want some swimwear from there this summer!

  4. LOVE the stripes! Can't imagine losing power...we got 32 centimeters...Around the same amount as you...

  5. Love the stripes and the snow pics..warm hugs from AZ

  6. So glad you're ok. I was sending good thoughts your way today. /heart u

  7. I'd eat all the chocolate even if the powere didn't go out!
    Glad you stayed warm in the storm.

  8. liking the bribes!!!! You got this!!! cute hair!! I will take back my complaining about the rain and 55 degrees in AZ :) Stay warm!

  9. oh my goodness! although i'd love the snuggling i think i'd get tired of the freaking cold after an hour of it. hang in there!