Friday, February 8, 2013

Ten Things Friday - because I want to

1.  Since when did every rainy day become a named storm of the Century?

2. We are prepping for a Blizzard - but it looks like its going to be mainly rain here and lots of wind - I'm still going to pretend to be stuck in my house.

3.  I failed at the challenge I entered - haven't been on the scale since last week..and bowed out.   Not a proud moment

4.  Going to clean up and organize the house today - I'm actually looking forward to it.  What that what? 

5.  I can't stop eating shrimp.  WTF - I crave it around the clock.  So wierd.

6.  Miss Lorie's new blog design is bad ass!  She is also very bad ass.    

7.  I need a re-boot...I've been floundering ... Cat is inspiring me to look into WWs.  I'll put that on the list of things to look up while I'm snowed in.

8.  I am so Jealous of all of you guys in TX, AZ and any other warm dry areas of the country.  My Bikes are collecting cobwebs because its been so long

9. I will not drink my way thought the storm

10.  Have I mentioned how much my new boots rock?  They do - they are semi magical like my Coat.   I've had two people say to me they wished they had calves that would fit into boots like this...what the....My calves are huge!   


  1. I swear my calves are the only part not shrinking on my body...I just can't wear boots for some reason...I have ginormous calves

  2. Love the boots!! I have always had stick legs and most boots look funny on me because they gap and look really stupid.

  3. You are a badass!! I love those boots and your magical coat! I am going to look into getting myself some of both! I need more magic in my life.

  4. I love your boots. SO jealous. My calves are still so huge . . .I still need to order from Torrid's. I'm completely nesting through this blizzard. Part denial; part romantic. #5 . . maybe you're channeling warmer weather . . .like shrimp cocktail on a warm summer day? Now I'm channeling warmer weather. Definitely missing living in South Florida on days like this. I love the idea of a research list during the snow-in. Maybe I'll find some magic myself. :) Have fun!

  5. Those boots are amazing, they just look magical! I need to get me a pair of magic!!

  6. I love those boots...and I have HUGE calves too! I am also cleaning out my bathroom cabinets today. So much stuff in them that can be tossed out! Stay dry:)

  7. First - I was very worried because the NE is getting lots of snow. I'm so glad you updated us on what your area will be expecting. Thank you. /nod

    Second - Awww, you inspire me every single day. I wasn't sure about WW and tossed it around for over 2 weeks. Somehow I felt like with my band I shouldn't need something else and how is it different than My Fitness Pal or something...But I decided as long as I look at it as a temporary change up to get my ass back in gear, I should be ok. :)

    Third - LOVE those boots you sexy thang! : ) /heart u

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