Friday, February 22, 2013

The Torture Chamber ~ 165.2

Two days till sunshine.....
I am already mentally on vacation....
Just Sayin'

Daily weigh ins are reflecting major water weight loss....but it sure is good for morale!

Heath insurance is so effed up - I just realized that we are paying over 750 a month for just my insurance~ holy what tha eff!!  I'm getting new insurance that has a much larger deductable - Its just crazy.

Yesterday I ate mostly clean - 2 Atkins shakes, tuna fish, an apple - I actually ate fruit! And then I had popcorn and we had friends for dinner = wine, risotto, asparagus and some cookies.
Its cool - today will be clean  

Thought I'd post photos of my gym -
Its a 10x10 room in our house - a collection of random things that over the years has equaled a "gym" Its not fancy but it does the job.  Treadmill was free from a barter..the rest of it found its way.
My point is anyone can carve out a bit of space to make a workout area - the hard part is getting on the dreadmill and taking the first few steps - after that its off to the races.

The TRX and my 10 pound weights - Don't judge the paint job - I've been meaning to finish...

 Dreadmill, bands, more weights, medicine ball and Bosu, there is a yoga mat somewhere in there too, also a TV for Mo when he works out and some bumpin speakers for my iphone - hello C+C music Factory this morning #stuckinthe90s



  1. LOVE the torture chamber! I would love a room dedicated to the workout. Very cool!

  2. I love the torture chamber too! How cool is that... I must start my own.

  3. very cool room! and boooo you are going on vacay in 2 suck!

  4. I would love to have a work out room! Yours looks great!