Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just another Tuesday...

Except its not.
I'm off to NYC for work meetings...
New Coat ~ check
New Boots ~ check
Fresh Threads  ~ check and check
"A" game ~ Check
Nerves -----check and check
Fear of Blisters and being cold...----oh yes

What is it about the Big Apple?  I love that we live so close (2.5 hours by bus) yet I get overwhelmed at the thought of going in. #countrymouse

The good news is today I'll not be eating much...nerves=tight band
Part of my nerves come from the old fat girl head...when anytime my routine changed all I would think about was how large my body is and spend the entire day comparing myself to others and feeling ugly.  

Thats not me anymore...I am more than my body...and I have an awesome new coatSo there - take THAT Anxiety! 

Who knew that blue coat would make me so happy....but it does. 

I'm going in with my co-worker/friend.  I'm sure there will be hilarity and some cocktails too... 

2 weeks and 3 days till warm weather retreat - I'll be heading to Palm Beach - if there is anyone who would love to meet up...I'll be a golf widow all week when I'm there.  Would love a running/walking coffee date.


  1. You will do great today! YOU GOT THIS!

  2. Have you look fabulous!

  3. My lands! Why don't we live closer? You are going to rock this meeting and day in general! You are def. not a fat girl anymore, why is it so hard to remember that?

  4. Take a picture while you're there. /heart u