Saturday, February 2, 2013


Groundhogs are Beautiful!
Its here!  The darkness is waning!
I really want to go to the Punxsutawney Phil celebrations once in my life. "Siri, - add to bucket list."

New beginings are the bomb diggety.  Happy February everyone!

January didn't quite go my way - I gained .5 pounds since January 2 - thats being up and down a bunch. Ending up at 165.3.

Its the Shortest Month - Game on - I have a trip to FL at the end of this month  and am planning to go back to Rincon PR at the end of March. Now is the time to get this ball rolling.

February Goals ~ be under 160 for two weigh ins
Continue to add strength training  2x weekly 
Run/bike daily - I've been running on the dreadmill a lot more due to lack of time and I'm getting to be a real pussy about being cold.
The hard part ~ Four Letter "F" Word - Food  
I will start planning - the afternoon sugar rush is killing me - I have to plan ahead.
More protein.  Less Carbs and more veggies - easier said than done.

Happy Groundhog day~ Roll on Spring! 


  1. Onward and Downward beautiful! Bring on Spring and as you said, here's to another new beginning. We began well, but just got lost in the dark/cold. /heart u