Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Florida ~ no scale here...

A few observations about Florida:

There are a lot of strip malls here

I love Publix....I have been 2x in 24 hours

Lots of fried food - we are cooking and having most meals at the condo but going out - its fried this and fried that..hrumph

I love running outside.  4 miles yesterday. Boom.

Everything is easy here...I'm kind of jealous - where I live there is so much effort spent on keep convenience out - like no fast food places, no chain stores, no two lane highways...its like the town prides itself on making life difficult...god I would love a publix at home.

I'm jealous of these old Broads that hang out at the condo pool - they are all over tanned and leathery, chain smokin and drinkin gin playin cards...looking forward to that age when I can stop giving a shit...again its easier....everything is easier in FL
***I wonder how old these ladies guess is 80-85***

On my run yesterday

Required reading

What the hell is this?

"They see me rollin, they hatin" ~ looking at my future

Gorgonzola smothered potato chips - who thinks this shit up?  Yech...



  1. OMG I hate you right now! jK hope you are having a blast!

  2. That is so awesome! I guess those women are only in their 60's but they look 80 because of all that sunning!
    We just booked a Florida condo vacation for this time next year. We were all doing the happy dance this morning.
    Enjoy every minute!

  3. I love that lil old lady on the bike! AHAHA! I just died! lol


  4. Those "little old ladies" are probably 30 with skin damage, lol.

    So glad you are enjoying yourself.

  5. So jealous! I have my condo booked for the first week of June and can't wait. I like Publix too! We have them here in Tn too, but no beach :(

  6. What is Publix? Is it a convenience store? A grocery store or a department store?
    Also - read "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple." That's me. : )

  7. Have a great time in FL!! Looks like the weather is pretty nice! Great pictures!