Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Big Sunday

Snowy Sunday morning.  I'm whiny, cranky and sore - 
Yesterday I did a ton of squats and abs and am paying for it today.  Boooooooo.

Yesterday this is what my day went like:
Up and on dread mill ran for 35 mins - intervals.
Squats/Lower body and abs on bosu ball
1 egg with a slice of cheese
Off to work
around 10 I had an eggwhite spinach feta wrap - 290 cals
Some cashews 
Then ran around all day showing houses
No time for lunch and I failed at planning ahead 
at 4 on my way to my 4:30 appt I was starving..had a cappachino  m&ms and a receses bar - boooooooo
Worked until 6 
Dinner - tunafish light mayo and cheese slice
Out to a fundraiser at a local bar -   2 glasses of wine
Home for 10 and wiped out

Its obvious what the problem is here - LACK OF PLANNING and Lack of veggies and fruit. 

This morning - I want to go back to bed but woke up to emails from customers about changing their appointment so I'm heading out soon to rearrange my day and hustle summer rentals.  
Its also super bowl sunday ~ My friends are hosting a party for those of us who could give a crap ~ we are watching the Big Lebowski  and watching the commercials.
I'm going to bring a healthy snack.

Have a wonderful sunday - get out there and shine!  

Have I mentioned that I love going to open houses and testing all aspects of the home....oh and yep - thats the new blue coat. 


  1. You are super woman. Give yourself a break and stop using words like "fail" to describe parts of your day!!!
    I LOVE the coat and you look so great.

  2. I love the coat and that picture!

  3. You truly are a warrior. I love that you got your workout in and are SORE today! Sore is our body thanking us. (I pretend anyway, my body is probably saying FU B*tch!)
    Love that picture, you're so darn cute!!

  4. Love the picture! Sounds like you are super busy! WOW! You are doing great!

  5. Love that blue coat! I bet you are so happy you bought that baby!!!!

  6. I love the coat! And crawling in the bathtub is so something I would do! Seriously!