Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A check up and reality check

I had my visit with Dr Mehta yesterday.  Debbie at the front desk thought I was at the wrong Drs office and told me to use the other door - then she realized it was moi - Miss June and cracked up!  So funny.

My appointment went well - except I am up 7 pounds since my last appt...which was back in the summer I think... So overall not horrible.  
Dr Mehta was kind to me - she said that I knew what to do to get back down and she is right.  I do know.  Basic common sense - exercise, no binging on crap and lay off the wine. 

Every time I see her she does the barium fluoro and cks my band - and as I expected...that shit is tight!  The liquid goes down hits the band sloshes back up and then pauses and then trickles out of the band to my stomach....wild! Its crazy how I eat some of the shit that I do..  

Whenever I see it up close like that I am reminded to respect the band and myself - I have a piece of plastic in my body for a reason darnit!

We were talking about food and how much I love kitcheree - so does she! Its the best damn comfort food - outside of mac n cheese
I made another batch two days ago and its long gone...Click here for the basic recipe I use - this time I skipped the potato.

So yesterday..
Ran on the treadmill
atkins shake
kitcheree and a whole avocado (heavy on the fat..oops)
atkins shake
and shrimp teryaki over brown rice with sauteed baby spinach...

I turned down a Fat Tuesday party....I think I've got to focus more on me these days and less on the social scene...

When I see my Dr I take advantage of the Target - we live an hour from such luxury so I stocked up...
Had to make it down the gauntlet aisle of sugar hell ~ its actually gross all there together like that...sitting on the shelves just waiting to kill people...

Dinner - mmmm shrimp.



  1. I live 2 hours from a Target! It's a treat getting to go there!

  2. My doctor was kind too. We do know how to do this Warrior! We got this!

  3. I had shrimp for dinner last night too, and it was wonderful. Funny how a nice hot meal can be so nice when you're used to eating crap all the time!

  4. Target is my favie store!! I don't live far from one, but all I ever want to buy when I go there is sheets and towels. G says we have enough. /pout

    I really wish my Doc would do a barium flouro. : ( Lucky!

    /heart u Warrior!

  5. ywah, so I had to look up what Dal was. Clueless...but sounds yummy!

  6. That shrimp dish looks so good! I would love the recipe!! I wish my dr used a flouro!