Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ten Things Thursday ....Valentines Edition

1.  I accidentally ate too many sugar free Werthers candies yesterday..then I read the fine print about excessive consumption  causing a laxative effect. Yes, that happened.

2. Modcloth is offering 10% off today....I'm pretty sure I should buy something

3. Stupid snow.

4. Nothing fun planned for today.  Boo - VD is boring. 

5. Yesterday I ran on treadmill and ate fairly well....sans sugar free gas binge...and I may have had a french fry or two while watching Breaking Bad....they have less calories when you have fancy dipping sauces ~ wasabi and chipotle.

6.  Going to TRX this evening....nothing says I love you than coming home too sore to walk or hug

7.  My Valentine...

8.  Ever wake up expecting greatness?  I've got that vibe today

9. Wishing I could go on a vacation of my out west to AZ for some Mountain Biking or Thailand or Indonesia....

10.  Plan today...Protein Shake x2..soup and light meal. 


  1. Happy Valentines Day! Thailand sounds divine!

  2. I am actually considering cutting out that valentine for our card exchange at work......

  3. What is Valentines day without chocolates and gas? (been there, doing that as we speak)