Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday 167.4 + 10 pounds from December

I'm living vicariously through my friend who is at the hospital right now about to get banded. 

I recall the determination I felt that morning on April 6, 2011.  Was I scared?  yep.  But I knew that there was no other choice.  I knew what I had to do.  Nothing.... Nothing would get in my way.

April 2011 - my job was loosing weight.  Period.  End of story.  That was the only thing I could focus on.  I was so motivated, not a morsel of sugar or garbage passed these lips for months.  The idea of going out to dinner was  hilarious - no way.  
I weighed myself every day and the weight was melting off of me.

February 2013 - I struggle.  I ate a bag of chocolate yesterday (it was good chocolate) and forced in 2 slices of pizza.  Same ole behaviors are still there.  The band has done its part with the physical.  I need to do my part with the mental. 
I am a "normal" size now - 10 ish.
Going out to dinner and for drinks is the norm now, because I say yes to everything....

I need to start saying no to some things.  My body feels mushy.  

I want to hit the re-set button.  I wish that I never tested the band and figured out how to sneak in sliders and garbage.  

Starting today..I'm going to focus on feeling the same way I felt in April 2011.  Determination, Badass and Focus.  One moment at a time and eat 6-8 "meals" a day.  Hunger should not be in my world.  My main problem is that I eat drink breakfast and then get so hungry by 1pm that I think I might die if I don't ingest crap.  Then I say yes to meeting friends for drinks and end up eating bar food for dinner.

So Lets not do that anymore.   So Simply put.
I will weigh myself EVERY day and post it here.  
I will have small meals all day long
No wine...seriously.
Exercise.... every day- something.



  1. You got this! Text me if you need someone to talk to. :)

  2. You go Miss Warrior! I know you can do this.

  3. We don't wanna just be normal Warrior! We wanna kick some butt! You got this! No more garbage!

  4. Omg. We are so in the same place. This is that mental switch spot. Maintenance.....

  5. You are already headed in the right direction!! :)

  6. My coworker was banded a week ago today...I have been living vicariously through her as well. She has been texting me every day asking me about what she can/can't eat, how much she ate (or hasn't eaten), etc. I kinda feel like I will get back on track by being around a new bandster every day (or at least that's what I am telling myself :))

  7. Here's to hitting our reset button! Like a BOSS!

  8. The difference now is, you have done it before. You know exactly what to do and that you CAN do it!! You go girl!

  9. Love you warrior! You can rock this. And WILL!