Thursday, January 31, 2013

~ Ten Things Thursday ~

Heck yes!

1.  Notice anything missing yesterday?  Weigh in...I forgot.  I worked out - dreadmill and weights and then forgot to get on the scale before the shower...fooey.

2.  Is it me... Or are my dogs the cutest in the world?  As I type this my Sammy dog is resting her head on my laptop.

3.  I'm failing badly at one of my goals for 2013 ...the one where I focus less on social life and more on working out.   Its so hard to say no..and sometimes I have to go out for work....not last night though....I was a dirty stay out....1am on a wednesday...and I'm going out again tonight....

4.  Tricep burn from it

5.  I woke up to a pond in my sunroom - the back door blew open in the storm last night and it rained in my house...not one dog tried to let me know.....useless!

5.  Yesterday was a great day - walked on dreadmill, weights and abs - ate very little, some eggs, did have a cookie, went out for Japanese and maybe had too much wine, and dessert

6.  Today is a fresh new opportunity!

7. NSV - went to help a friend make a decision on which boots to keep from her latest Zappos haul....she is thin and beautiful fyi...I tried on a pair that she had and they fit!!  holy amzaing - they are perfect - I ordered them and will post photos when they get here

8.  I'm feeling better today - cold, go away

9. Thankful that we don't have tornados here......hurricanes suck but at least there is warning.

10. Rain rain go away.   

12.  I never was any good at counting...     


  1. HAHA! 12. I love you Warrior.
    I get you with cold go away. I finally gave in and just stayed home a day. /blue

  2. You sound great!! So glad you're having a good day - thank god it's almost Friday!! xoxo

  3. You always wanted an indoor swimming pool. Right? RIGHT?! :) Sorry that that happened!


  4. This is awesome! SO glad you are feeling better! And even if the dogs didnt let you know about the door they are adorable! Sometimes I think it may be a good thing to forget to weigh myself! Have a fabo day!