Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Its Here Its Here!!! 2013

Welcome to the new year!  Its so new its so fresh - like a new notebook (office supply geek that I am)!

2012 - going out with a bang!

So what do I want to accomplish in 2013?

Put in 2000 miles – bike/run ~ Should be a piece of cake...hahaha

Maintain my Weight at 10 pounds less than where I am now – I would like to have a year of 148 -153 – lets see how that feels

Re-focus on health – I have been enjoying the new social confidence so much that I put my routine and health on the back burner

Be more compassionate ~ I am known for my lack of this...

Take better care of the house and my stuff ~ This requires me to slow down...

Keep Yoga in my life ~ sign up for another package

Have a budget and stick to it - save money.  ~ Have said Budget set up by the end of this week

Do one thing that scares me each week ~ Fear is a state of mind - I must stop being afraid - meaning fear of failure.  My first task is to make a business call that I have been putting off for months - whats the worst that could happen...

Plan an epic vacation to India/Indonesia - if I don't go 2013 - have all the planning done and trip booked for 2014

Learn a new Language...Spanish would make sense ( I already know a lot of spanish and can understand more than I speak)  but I would like to learn Chinese Mandarin 

Develop a business plan and health plan that are achieveable  and actually use those plans.  To be posted by the end of January

Here is a loose outline of my Health Plan:

  • Exercise 5 days a week cardio/1 day strength/ 1 day yoga
  • Food:  Protein - I have added in fish to my diet and dairy -         protein first always then veggie then fruit then fats.
  • Water:  100 oz per day
  • Alcohol:  Buh bye.....I need to detox 
Cheers to 2013 being the best year yet!  

Oh I almost forgot my word:   Polished ~ My life is a solid rock foundation - I've got the base down and know what I need to be doing - now I just need to polish it up  and shine bright.  
Bad ass was so 2012 - now its time to shine on. 
Main Entry: polished
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: well executed
Synonyms: accomplished, excellent, flawless, impeccable, masterful, masterly, skilled, skillful



  1. These are great goals, Vanessa! I have a bunch of links for free online Spanish language learning sites. I'm starting one this week. If I can link to your email, I will send you what I have. Wishing you all the best in 2013! Happy New Year!

  2. Wow. What amazing goals for this year Warrior. I love your word too - Polished. How appropriate!! I also must say I like the idea to face things that scare you once a week. Here is to a shiny new, polished you. Still you, but all shined up! *hugs*
    *heart u*

  3. You have a great list for the year too! Lets see how many we can accomplish!

  4. Happy New Year Vanessa! Great post and goals! I love your choice of word for the year. I'm going with Complete. It works for a few reasons- the opposite of procrastinate being number one :) Oh, and I can totally relate to the new notebook idea- I'm also an office supply junkie!

  5. I love all of these goals and I know that you will do GREAT!

  6. You set the bar high on these goals! :)

    I highly recommend the budget. I've had one since I was 18....I'm 48! lol Even though my bills are the same each month, I still have it written down.(thank you daddy for helping me do this when I was a youngen!)

    Loved reading this post. It's a good one.

    And thanks for the reminder for the word this year. I had one and kept saying write it down so you don't forget. I can't remember it! lol