Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kitcheree for meeeee!! and 10 Things Thursday

Well hello there....

Do you know what Kitcheree is?  I didn't until recently....IT IS AWESOME!!!  
Yesterday I had a hankering around 2:40  for something soothing, comforting and yummy so I popped into my local health food cafe and BAM!   Behold Kitcheree!  Mung Bean Stew!


"Ayurvedic recipe for Kitcheree, a very healthy, high protein and easily digestible meal.
 Kitcheree is an excellent regenerating food. It is a super meal for people who want to cut down on meat without losing out on a protein source. Kitcheree is also an excellent food for the elderly and sick. "

It is so yummy - I had avocado and ghee in mine - so delish - check out this site for a recipie  ~ It looks like oatmeal but tastes so much better - I plan on Making some soon...

Ok - on to 10 Things Thursday

1.  Yesterday was not bad ...

2. I watched fat sick and nearly dead - yesterday and am now thinking a juice fast is on the way 

3.  Love Love love seeing all the energy and hope for the new year - 2013 is gonna rock!!!

4. Yesterday - with some help I started to get my budget together....Almost done.

5.  Full on Sugar detox today....its gonna be a doosey

6.  Another busy as balls day today at work - I'm praying that I can get to TRX this afternoon... but it aint looking good

7. I will sign up for yoga today

8. Its cold as balls here again today - not as cold as where Miss Lorie lives - thank gawd!      

9. I am jealous of my dogs - they get to sleep on the couch all day today....

10.  Its funny how a few years back when I was depressed, each day would drag on and it seemed like i had all this time to feel it seems like the days are flying by and I have no time to fit in "me time"  I guess I wasted it all feeling sorry for myself.

Stay Warm and hang in there if you are detoxing... Day 3 is the worst. 


  1. Your dogs only do that once in awhile? Mine thinks he owns the couch, the bed, heck the whole house. You're so right Day 3 is the worst but it's all doable. Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like you'll power through Day 3 (or already have?) - woot!!

  3. "fat sick and nearly dead" I watched that when I was close to my heaviest and just didn't feel like a juice fast was doable. I know I am in a way better spot now and should revist it. Since then, I have ALWAYS wanted to do a juice fast. Maybe I should add that to my 2013 list? Hmmmmmm

  4. I love the positivity that I'm seeing from you.
    Best of luck on completing that budget doll. *hugs*

  5. Go girl!!! Detox blows, but it will be SO worth it when we're done! I'm on Day two, and feeling cautiously optimistic...regardless, I'm pushing on, even if it means I need to sleep through it and wake up on day 4. Let me know how you like the yoga - it's awesome! xoxo

  6. I so want to be a dog owned by someone like me in my next life. They have it so hard.

    This time of year sucks with the sugar and crap food. And people are still bringing it into the office.

  7. I am super jealous of my babies too.

    I wish I had the motivation to do a sugar detox...but I am deep, deep in the throws of addiction and don;t wanna give it up.

  8. I'm with Barbie. Super jealous of my little kitty cat who sleeps 20 hours a day on the sofa, the bed, the washing, the window box ... anywhere she likes. And my sugar addiction is way too hardcore. Do you think they run rehab centres for the likes of us? xx