Friday, January 25, 2013

TGIF ~ kinda

No, I don't have the weekend off.... But I will get a lot done and crush it.

I'm about to go get on the dreadmill - because thats what is right with my day - I get to read and email and focus for the day.

I've been thinking about writing a book.  Like I have all this spare time to do that  ~ Eat Pray Lapband? Thoughts?  Maybe it would be collection of all of our stories like The Help?  

Stay warm today - My dogs have already settled into the couch for the day and it only 6:30...

Home office ~ I managed to have a semi work at home day on Tuesday

Showing summer rentals in the snow!! - now just imagine your Hamptons getaway - sans snow. HA!

The Magic pill - cure for the winter blues

Dinner at a friends - how beautiful is this??


  1. Love that view Warrior! Take care o'you.

  2. beautiful views and love the food....not many lapband books out there!

  3. I'd totally contribute to the book.

  4. Oh, I have stories, let me tell ya.

    Just tell you clients to pretend the snow is sand....

    Welcome back!!

  5. I cannot imagine reading while on the's like reading in a car to me. I'd throw up! I so wish I could though. I can def watch trashy TV though thank God.

  6. Love your views....! Ugh reading and running = carsicknessish feeling!!

  7. Send some of that snow my way :)

    I would buy your book!