Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Letters 1-11-13

I love the idea of Friday letters ~ Thanks Manda Panda for starting this!

Dear Body  ~ I love that you carry me over the land but please please stop being sore from working out.  And how's about another big loss this week - come on - you know u wanna.

Dear Work ~ Tomorrow is going to be crazy - thanks for the business but does it all have to be crammed into tomorrow?

Dear Puppies  ~ Bringing sticks inside the house through the doggie door and then shredding them all over the living room - not cool

Dear Juicer ~ I love you

Dear Mountain Bike  ~ I love you too

Dear Cookies ~ I'm sorry we had to break up.  I just can't be near you at this moment in time.  Maybe one day we can just enjoy each others company but not now.

Dear TV ~ we have so much to catch up on but alas tonight is not your night.  I have a date!

 Early morning bike today - I ended up here

Yesterday running - hunters in the marsh


  1. I love the idea of this. I'm going to join in.

  2. HAHA, your puppies are going to read that letter and be like, "Shawww...whatevs Mom!" Hee hee.

    /heart U

    Oh - cookies will get over the breakup. In time you can probably be friends, but cut them out for now girl. They are no good, they're no good, they're no they're no good...

  3. Great pics! I have broken up with cookies too... damn things just can't be in the house!! And, why is it, that now I've lost all this weight that people give me MORE chocolates for Xmas than I ever got when I was fat?