Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weigh in Wednedsay

Last Weigh in - 163.2
This Week -  164.8 
Gain of 1.6 pounds
 ~ Sweet Jesus - I would like to thank, wine, salt, puff pastry, chocolate, cookies and cheese for this gain over the holidays ~ I was down to 158.6 December 12th - this will stop today. 6.2 pound gain over the holidays.

Starting the new year off right - I went for a solo mountain bike ride yesterday - It was a tad chilly but boy did I need it. And I cleaned out my home office - getting ready to make my budget and prevent my own fiscal cliff from happening.

Today - I'm going to start with an easy run/walk on the dread mill and some weights - b/c unlike Leigh @ poonapalooza (she is gangta with the running) ~ I am a wuss and can't get my SH together to run in 22 degrees - so dreadmill it will be.

Its much easier to get back into exercise if I am kind to myself and I make each work out achievable.  

Today I'm going to sign up for the 90 days for 90 dollars of yoga classes - pretty good deal if you ask me...

I'm going to take a page from Andrea and have "quite time" in the morning if only for 5 minutes.

And OMG - I found a shopping site that has everything that I love - I am so into 50's and 60's dresses - they were made for women with my shape - check out their stuff is amazing ..

Get out there today and shine! 


  1. Go for it - let's hear it for achievable activity!

  2. Great plan! I'll probably do the dreadmill today too because it's in the 30's and this Texan can't handle it. Oh, I LOVE modcloth!

  3. Ooh, I'm definitely checking out that website. Love the dress.
    Good luck with the new goals...and keep up the good work!

  4. OHHH- I love that dress.

  5. Can't wait to look at the dresses on that site! I am so into vintage!

  6. love the dress- I'm a retro chick too but can never find things in my size or budget.
    good luck with the goals and keep up the great job

  7. Thanks for the shout out:) Happy New Year to you darlin'. I know you'll getter done this year:)