Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Social butterfly...

Thanks for all the support on my last post.  It was a blip on the radar ~ but the damage was huge - I was hungry all day Sunday and woke up yesterday morning craving waffles and chocolate.  
I battled that craving with eggs for breakfast and then had Kitcheree for lunch ~ I was fine after that ~ except I had m&ms at the movies - meh happens.

This week my social calendar is off the hook -
Last Night  ~ drinks/apps with some friends then went to see Django - awesome movie!
Tonight  ~ Dinner at a friends house - they are vegetarians so if I lay off the wine - should be a damage free night
Tomorrow  ~ I'm learning paddle tennis - will report back on this as it requires lots of hand eye coordination - not my strong skills - I'm pretty much a spazz
Thursday ~ dinner at another friends house - she is preop with the same surgeon as me  - I'm so excited for her - it brings back all the memories of how I was feeling a month before surgery.  All the hope and excitement and was all worth it.  
Friday ~ I think I have another girls night...
Holy hell - I really want to clean my house and watch Downton Abby one of these nights!

So today - 
I'm going to run - easy hills and do weights/abs
Had a protein shake - rice milk, spirutien, green vibrance and PB2 - yumm!
Lunch ~ I'll be bringing tuna - you're welcome co-workers. haha! 
Dinner ~ at the mercy of our hosts.

Now I leave you with some photo porn from Sunday Mass ~ This is what you see when you get out and live - ride your bike/run/walk - thats what our bodies are for! 



Because thats how we roll - my BF's truck  ~ notice the bumper sticker - Real Women Drive Trucks!  Haha~ 


  1. I had reese's pieces at the movie. Glad to know I'm in good company.
    Doesn't it suck that it really is a constant battle with the sugar cravings? Good for you beating the sugar monster back down with your healthy! /heart u Warrior!

  2. I think that with your social calendar as full as it is, it is amazing that you are still able to fit in all of the exercise that you do! Congrats on that :o)

    And I think I prefer your photo porn to the usual food porn pics, these ones make me want to get out and explore instead of go and cook something unhealthy :p

  3. Good job fighting the cravings...that's always the worst for me, when I overeat crap like that, it's the NEXT day that sucks the most, because my body got a taste of it, and wants MOREEEEEE! Sounds like you just shut it down, which is awesome. And hey, movies are a different place - I had twizzlers at the movies, and it wasn't even a blip on the radar. Keep rocking on with your badass self!!!

  4. Love the pictures.
    Hate cravings.
    Think you are fantastic.
    Can't believe you only have one party a night, word must not have gotten around yet about how fantastic you are. I'm sure the White House will be calling soon.

  5. Damn. My social calendar only includes snuggling with my bed lately. Have fun, love! :(