Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ten Things Thursday ~ I'm back a day early!

1. - Balls Cold.  7 degrees this moring

2. - I have a rental appointment today that took me a day to set up and then my customer sent me an email at midnight ans switched it all around...urgh. 

3.  I found the magic pill - its called exercise - did 20 minutes on the dreadmill yesterday morning and my mood improved by 100%

4.  The past week was a dark place for me with the food and mood - I've been so busy with work (blessing) with no time off this week or next and been working from the time I wake up till the minute I go to bed. 

5. Insert something funny here

6.  Had dinner with a friend who is preop just waiting for her date from our surgeon .... I love the energy and hope she is filled with - I remember that feeling ~  Its surgery dammit!  I've got to be more respectful of my band.

7. Balance - you are day I will find you

8.  Wishing for a blizzard so I can justify staying home and watching hours of Downton Abbey!

9.  The Magic Pill IS exercise

10.  The Magic Pill IS Exercise


  1. The magic pill IS exercise! If only it were easier to get into THAT habit! Cookies are so much more fun...

  2. Glad to see you back early! I secretly hoped you would be. :D

  3. Sounds like you are in the grips of the Winter blues. Not surprising for the outdoorsy warrior you are. Hang in there! The thaw is coming! In the mean time, think about coming south for a break. We would love to have you and Mo visit NC :)

  4. Exercise was key for me getting back to losing this last week...and it so helped my mood. Glad you came back early!

  5. That damn exercise works doesn't it! If I would only do it!


  6. YAY! You're back early! are right about the Magic Pill is Exercise..blah!!! :) Anyway, was wondering if you could offer some advise...really am looking forward to Mountain Biking or Trail Riding or whatev come warmer weather and have been researching some bikes...don't want to spend an abundance of money since I just don't know if it will be for me or not, but was looking into the Trek 800 and the Trek 3700 you think they would be okay starter bikes? I like the fact that the Trek 800 has a steel frame, but I like the color better on the input would be great!

  7. I need to be more kind to my band as well!

  8. You had me at "balls cold!" LOL! Too funny!


  9. I'm SO glad you are back - I missed you!!!! I completely agree with the last two points - it is so helpful with mood and appetite, I find. I hope the book is interesting at the very least! I walked home today, and my eyelashes froze together - post and pics to come from there. Oy. It is SO cold!!! Hugs!

  10. Welcome back! I am also "coaching" someone through these early pre-op stages. I am energized by her excitement. I'm so glad you're back. Good job with the dreadmill. I bought kettle bells on sale at TJ Maxx . . .hoping to mix it up a bit. It is freezing here too . . .actually colder here than in Alaska...crazy!

  11. Holy shit I missed you Warrior!! Yes, the magic pill IS exercise.
    I am not even kidding that my #7 today is your #5. I went back and actually put something in there, but I really did have, "Insert something funny here." Hee. Great minds...

  12. So great to see you again! Hang in there! I understand the mood thing. I'm in a funk today...