Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pouch Test update and NSV

Day 2 ~ 5:33 pm ~
All good so far.  I am super proud that today when shit hit the fan with work stuff ~ I turned to the bottle (water) instead of food.  go me.  

Last night we went out for drinks with friends ~ I had lemon water .... go me again!

2 days of liquids is not that horrible  tomorrow is what I'm worried about...soft protein...I think its just tofu for get to eat as much as you want all day as long as it is protein and you have 15 minutes to eat it in ....I seriously don't think I can eat that much tofu... Beans have carbs and I have no idea what else to eat that is just protein that does not come from an Animal.  

Yesterday I got a run in on the dread mill and today, nothing yet ~ Tomorrow is going to be really beautiful so I'll get out on the MTB first thing.  

This morning I went to Target and TJ Maxx ~ yes ~ size 8 jeans!  Ok, they are snug but honey badger don't care ~ they'll loosen up.  I tried on 10 dresses and all of them size 10 fit perfectly ~ its so cool to go shopping and have options and not just take the one that covers the most body!  I'll put photos up soon of the two I bought.  I almost bought red leopard hooker heals b/c they looked so cool w/my dress.  But I know me and I'll never wear them so I skipped them and got some more reasonable ones... lame. But I saved 30 bucks!

Wish me luck on day 3 ~ scrambled tofu for breakfast ~ and then .....

And I still haven't gone grocery shopping...its such a drag.  I will have a butler one day to do this for me.


  1. I will grocery shop for you :-) its my fave

  2. I like to grocery shop as well. Your money, my time! Sounds like heaven:)

  3. Umm...yeah...I hate the damn grocery store. I really wish I could pay someone to go for me.

    Hell yeah on the size 8 jeans...snug or un-snug!! You will be wearing them soon like a sexy minx. Love you bunches.

    Super proud of you for getting the lemon water.

  4. Go you!

    I hate grocery shopping too. I make my daughter go for me.

  5. Woohoo! I tried on some designer jeans this weekend at Macy's and the size 8's fit me, too! We rock. We're skinny little honey badgers.