Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Figuring it out

First of all ~ I have the cold ~ you know, the one that everyone has.  I never get sick, but yesterday I said uncle, worked from home and vegged out on the couch.  
No exercise ~ which is fine b/c I scheduled in a rest day but then SFG (sick fat girl took over) ~ you know that big baby version of yourself that feels sorry for herself and soothes the sickness with food.
Urgh!!!!  I even talked my husband into making a cake to "celebrate" my sub 30 5K ~ in what world does that make sense??? 

So I felt like shit all night from the cold.  And woke up at 6 to run still feeling like shit.  I reset the alarm and stayed in bed.  I got up finally around 7:30 feeling bad ~ not just cold bad but tired and cranky ~ so what did I do?  I had 2 slices of cake with my coffee and started to watch the biggest looser!!  Wow ~ was I just revisited by the ghost of fat Vanessa or what!!  

This what I just learned from it ~
1. Cake goes in the garbage now
2.  I felt like shit b/c I had crappy cake in my system last night 
3. Sugar is the devil and that's why I was craving cake for breakfast
4. I have to break this cycle right now @ 8:20 in the morning before it gets any worse
5. Tell Mo not to say yes when I wine about needing a cake ~ what am I 4?
6. I am not in a place where crap can live in the house ~ Still working on my fat girl rules see Loosingitwithrebecca great video also check out lizlovesherlapband ~ she did a great response.
7.  Big ups to all you guys out there loosing it while living in houses where there is crap food that you could have but you choose to say no every day ~ I'm just not there yet ~ I have to live in a "safe zone".

My friend Emi and I have a way of dealing with these type of situations but usually applies to being in the car ~ where we will toss whatever we are eating out the window so not to continue (sans wrapper ~ no litter bug here)   Do you think the neighbors will look at me funny if I start chucking cake out the window of my house?  I'm about to!!!


  1. I am so in this boat with you! I can not be trusted to live in a house where crap food lives. I need to live in a safe zone!

  2. I try to live in a safe house but hubby likes his snacks and then claims he will hide them so I am not tempted- right, hide something from me..... That is why I am ALWAYS throwing away the damn chips.

  3. I have 2 teenagers who always seem to have junk around if I'm looking!! I also feel the need to eat when I am sick- what is that??!!

  4. Feel better, honey badger!

    I hope you did chunk it out the window. :)