Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keeping it Real

Just out here looking for advice...
Have any of you ~ perhaps those of you who have reached goal ~ noticed a shift in your relationship with your significant other.  I'm being pretty vague here..I'm just trying to adjust to the "new me" and that means being treated differently by everyone ~ and getting attention from people (men) that I never would have had.  I'm struggling a bit and feeling more and more like a fireball and I know that's just a temporary thing until I get used to this new body.  Not sure what I'm trying to say ...just wanted to reach out to the sisterhood and see if you all have had any struggles and how you dealt with them...any input would be most appreciated.
~ Athena 


  1. I am not there yet but I seem to read abou this a lot. My guess is that we change as our bodies change AND people react differetly to us. Good luck, Vanessa, I hope you get it figured out.

  2. I haven't seen anything I think mostly because I am not mentally there yet. Although SO did tell me the other day that he thought it would be good if I just stayed the size I am now.

  3. I'm curious if your feelings to your SO are changing, or if you are just concerned with how men are beginning to respond to you. If your feelings are changing, it's important to explore the feelings and figure out what's changing. If you feel you are getting more attention from other sources, it may be time to talk to your SO and explain as you are changing your needs are changing. If you feel at all that you have settled in your relationship, it may be time to re-evaluate. If you're just conerned about increasing attention from other men, make sure your SO realizes that your heart is at home and there is no reason for jealousy etc. Hope things work out for you.

  4. If you need to talk, ya know I'm here for ya. :)

    Being a single gal myself, I really have no insight into relationships... but I think if you reevaluate your relationship with Mo and find that you're not happy, maybe you should both explore that a bit.

  5. I have been feeling so great and sexy lately and I pretty much had a big meltdown last month because I am more horny then ever, and he just started a new full time job and is exhausted and tired. lol. It's like total opposites! I basically told him I needed lots of attention until I get used to this thing. I think he is excited about the change since he is getting a lot of action. I guess you just have to communicate and be honest.

  6. Men look at me now and talk to me, like in the grocery store or post office. That never happened before! I'm not sure if they're flirting, because quite honestly, I've always been oblivious to that stuff. I'm married so I don't pay much attention to it, but there's definitely a change!