Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day.

Have I ever told you how snow makes me hungry?  And how uncertainty makes me hungry? 

I have been Bingey Binge Alot this week.  Skerred of the scale I won't know the damage till Monday morning.  Lets just say that the day started off with Toll House cookies fresh from the oven with coffee....It felt right at the moment. Now, I'm second guessing that decision.
Today was supposed to be my long run day...but I'm a pussy, so I'll not be running outside in the snow ~ I'll be mountain  biking instead.  

I broke ties with the people I had been working with ~ so I'm out on my own now ~ a little scary ~ hell yes. But Freedom feels right and I swear, if I saw one more email with the word "Functionality" in it I was going to uni-bomb some shit.

So to pump myself up for my new found freedom I am spending this snowy morning cleaning the house and purging it of all that is unnecessary.  The dogs are looking at me with nervous eyes...

Plan for getting back on track...
Water Water Water
No Sugar for 24 hours
Enjoy the snow and rejoice  
Head down and work...all lights are ahead are green!


  1. LOL - you make me laugh. Functionality emails might piss me off too.

  2. Oh Vanessa, the last word I would call you is a pussy. Seriously, it is snowing here and I am still in pajamas- you are going out on your bike.

  3. Cold to me = hunger! Great post :) Im trying to avoid sugar for a month. I have to say although I love sugary goodness, Im into day 12 and Im feeling a lot better for not having it :) Its also Summer here - so has made it a little easier.