Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Weigh In Blows!

Because I am the HBIC of my life ~ I declare new weigh day to be Wednesday!

Why is it that Thursday I can weigh 156 and by Sunday I'm up to 159?  

It  is because I am not to be trusted around melted cheese and sugar.  This week is back to basics and to see if I really need a fill that is set for next week.  Do I really want to lose this last 20 pounds or am I dicking around and panicking about getting even more attention and more sass ~ Fear.  This is my monster (well that and sugar)
Everything you just read is an excuse ~ see below for plan this week.

Exercise ~ I got that shit 
Food ~ I need to get that shit (5 day pouch test)
Mental Game ~ I need to get a guru or something b/c this is a fail.  
Planning ~ Fail

Food ~ Monday and Tuesday ~ Liquids 
Wed ~ Mushies
Thurs ~ some solids
Friday ~ back to normal

Mental Game ~ Going to therapy

Planning ~ I hate grocery shopping.  I'll suck it up and do this tomorrow.


  1. You got this warrior sista. Seriously, just take a moment to remember how far you've come that you are SO worth it.

  2. I hate the grocery store too. You really are worth it and I know you can lose that last 20 pounds.

  3. I like the idea of being the HBIC! :) go girl!

  4. Hope the grocery shopping went well! Let's be HBIC's together. LOL