Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. I am cranky
2. I haven't worked out in 2.75 days
3. See 1
4. I feel guilty b/c I haven't taken the dogs to the beach in 2 days and I think they are sad (crazy lady)
5. I have been eating like a pig in heat (I don't know that pigs eat more when they are in heat ~ it sounded good)
6.  I flippin' love the Geico commercial with the piglet on the zip-line "pure adrenalin" weeeeeeee
7.  See 1
8.  After watching a video on Proofwlsworks youtube I think I might change my goal to 160 and call it a day.
9. I was just offered a cleaning job for 25 bucks an hour cash 40 hours a week ~ in an 8000 sq ft house I turned it down b/c a) I don't know how to clean and b) I still believe that I could make it selling Real Estate
10.  I have ADD and cannot pay attention when people drone on about shit that doesn't involve me ~ Self centered much?
11. See 1


  1. #12 on your list: You are FUNNY! If it gives you any comfort at all, you transformed your crankiness into a good laugh for me ;-)

  2. I am cranky too!! And I think number 10 applies to me as well.....

  3. Ummm...I will clean the damn house. Give me the address!!!!

  4. I love that Geico commercial cracks me up!

  5. Cranky = funny. You are too cute.

  6. I absolutely hate pretending to care about stuff when other people at work are talking. I'm with ya on that self centered much. Haha warrior!

  7. I might need to see this ProofWLSWorks video. Never give up on your stretch goal - even if it might be a pipe dream!

  8. I don't think pigs eat more when they are in heat, but they do eat a lot and without much thought. Which is exactly how I have been. If I don't stop I'll never lose the next 45 pounds!