Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Weigh in

UPDATE ~ WEIGH IN POST BIKE RIDE ~ 157.2 ~ I'm counting it b/c I have always weighed in post run or bike ~ so there! 

Start ~ 241 size 22
Today ~159.00 Size 8 jeans on ~ this HBIC is a happy camper today
Last week ~ 159.6
Loss ~ .6 
Any loss is a good loss ~ however ~I generally weigh in after running so this # might actually be more ~ but I can't run till this afternoon...blah blah blah...

Size 8 jeans ~ yeah they are a little tight ~ kinda like 70's tight but I just don't give a shit!  I'm just doin me today!

***creepy co-worker story ***  I work with this older gentleman ~ picture an old car salesman who chain smokes ~ he calls me tootsie and says "one more pound and I'm gonna make my move on you"  To say I puke a little every time I hear that is an understatement.
So last week he is all "Are you done loosing Tootsie?"  And i'm all "I'm not sure ...I haven't lost in a while but well see"  And he goes
:  "Well you certainly are tightening up ~ everything is in a nice package"  ~ 
So I left for the day...gross!
This has turned into my translation of "Yo shit is Tight!"
I think i'll start using "Keepin' it tight"  as my email signature for work from now on...


  1. Love the email signature! Hilarious! Keep up the kicking ass! HBIC is dropin the weight :)

  2. EW. Try making a comment about *his* package and see how he takes it!!

  3. OMG - you should turn around and say "dude - I might just take you up on that but my tight awesomeness doesn't really go well with your old, loose balls." ACK

  4. Older men are so gross, they think they can get away with anything. I agree with Draz, "Now that I'm tight, you loose balls might not jive with my situation." :P

  5. LOL, thanks for describing him...OMG that is just gross! I like the email line though...what a creeper!