Thursday, February 23, 2012


1. I love lox rolled up with cream cheese
2. Work is hard 
3. I love my dogs
4. The older I get the shorter the days get
5.  I like to say Fuck
6. In fact, I think it is underused in everyday language
7. No, it does not make me less of a lady
8. I like wearing size 8 jeans - a fuck lot
9. Planning a vacation is hard work when the one place I like in Big Sur is 950 a nite.
10. I can't stop thinking about that green dress


  1. 1. I've never had lox.
    2. Amen sister.
    5. Me too.
    10. Me neither.

  2. 5 - 8. ME TOO.
    10. I need to catch up so I can see this dress.

  3. You know how you just skim over something and your eyes totally read something the wrong way....I first read #1 as: I love sex rolled up with cream said wtf??? You would totally fit in fine at my school. My kids say fuck all the usually doesn't even phase me any more I hear it so much (and possibly say it to much myself).

  4. Did you post the green dress? Now I need to scramble through your recent posts to see what I must have missed.

    I've never had lox, it's a type of fish yeah?
    #5 Me too sista!!

  5. I LOVE THE GREEN DRESS---thats all