Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just a little update...

I went for my free facial and who should walk in when I have enzyme peal all over my face?  Nate Berkus ~ he looked at me and went "eeew" but then we had a laugh.  Then he came back in when I was finished and said  "much better!"  He is a cutie!!

I am going to run with this story and by later tonight it will be more like this:
Nate and I had lunch today and he wants me to star in my own show ~ called Honey Badgers do the Hamptons.  It will be similar to Absolutely Fabulous only younger and more Fabulous. Then he asked me to find him a house to buy and then he said he would refer all of his friends to me when they come to buy or sell their fabulous Hamptons homes. 
Yep ... that's what happened to me today

In Band News ~ My shit is tight and I still like it
I ran 5 yesterday and MTB 12 this morning 
Scale was down but its just the beginning of the weekend and I have a Masquerade Ball tonight ~ so we'll see what happens by Wednesday....
Worked my Honey Badger ass off today and have a day full of appointments for rentals tomorrow.
The Universe keeps giving me the goods! 
I love it.


  1. Hahaha you crack me up sweetheart. And mmmm he is a cutie!

  2. I feel famous by association-with your association of course!! Very cute...

  3. I ADORE him. I would have flipped if I saw him.

  4. Nate and a masquerade are so elite!!! Enjoy your evening

  5. "my shit is tight" LOVE IT! Mine is too. Change in the weather!

  6. Sounds like the old David Letterman stories, lol

  7. What a cutie he is. "my shit was tight" . . . LOVE! Any new races or goals you've set for the spring?