Friday, February 17, 2012

10 Things Thursday Friday

1.  I'm psyched to run this morning ~ it WARM out!
2.  Therapy is hard, but is helping
3.  One of my mentors died yesterday morning and I'm so thankful I was able to see her the day before to say good bye.
4.  My job is so much easier now that I no longer have to spend an hour beating myself up that I am fat before I meet customers.  I have more room in my brain now because I no longer worry or care if people like me.
5. We are trying to plan our vacation and I am frozen ~ we can go anywhere at any time and I just can't pull the trigger....decisions are hard
6.  Going to a masquerade ball tomorrow night!  So fun. I'll be wearing my black dress and a fab mask.
7.  Getting a free facial - mini face lift treatment at Natropathica tomorrow...I so need this! 
8.  Accepting the abundance the universe has for me has been huge.  I am so thankful that I took last year off to take care of me and have Lap Band Surgery ~ clearing the way for the success this year will bring
9. Sarcasm is my language of choice after 7pm, although this is amusing to me, it often does not come off as intended in work emails...I should tone that down.  
10.  My favorite part of the day is NOW! That hour I spend drinking coffee, waking up and preparing to "Crush it" Today! 


  1. CRUSH IT may just become my motto for today - I'm settling in to tackle my to-do list!

    So sorry to hear of your mentor's passing, but glad to know that you had some good time with her.

    And WOOT on 'accepting the abundance' - I think that's hard for many. Yay you!!

  2. I am sorry about your mentors passing, but glas you go to spend time with her.
    Great list today. You know I love you.

  3. Free facial! Sign me up! Good job kicking butt and work and good luck with the vacation decisions.