Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 Things Thursday

1.  I'm going out to dinner w/SO and getting gigged up for that in my new dress ~ pictures to follow!
2.  I saw the woman today who was the reason I got my lapband ~ she is radiating sunshine and still kicking ass ~ 3 years later and out dating on line ~ get some!
3. Watched My 600 Pound Life last night and this morning on TLC ~ totally blew me away ~ a must see for everyone.  
4. Work is busy and I'm feeling a shower of green backs coming my way ~ bootay slap
5.  I ran this morning ~ short run with the dogs ~ but, hey, its something
6.  I love having short hair!
7. I am contemplating taking drugs ~ lexapro to be exact ~ my highs are too high
8. Just got the best present ever ~ SO got me a subaru Jersey for mtb!! ~ see photo below!
9. I love my Subaru and I love MTB and I really love that subaru sponsors a team! 
10.  I'm still just doin' me!


  1. I watched My 600 Pund Life too last night...very interesting. You look way cute in your jersey..and very tiny!

  2. Great jersey - you look like *you're* radiating sunshine and kicking ass too!

  3. Love that pic and how freaking gorg are you warrior sista!!

  4. Look how happy you are, lady! Lovin' it. :)