Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ten Things Thursday ~ yippy!!

1. I went to my awesome dr today for a fill ~ .25 ~ she thinks I'm really tight (teeheee) ~ We went over the end game and she said I am ok to stop now but 140 is ideal for me ~ That's what I thought too and I want to be down 101 lbs!  17 to go! Woo Hoo!

2. Tomorrow I have my first closing ~ I am so excited!  I'll no longer be a real estate virgin!  Yay!  At our awards dinner last night the top agent for the company (Hamptons only) sold 257 Million dollars worth  of real estate LAST YEAR! I had to put her notice that I'm coming for her out!

3.  I'm on liquids today and I like it.  No dinner decisions to be made.

4.  Tomorrow I have a speed workout early.

5.  I can't think of anything witty to say ~ it must be the lack of sugar in my blood

6.  I lost 12.4 pounds since October 14 when I last went to the dr.  of that 12.4 lbs, 8.39 of those pounds was fat mass...what was the other 4 pounds then?  Air?  Hair? Farts? Nail Varnish? I wonder if the Tanita Scale is fucking with me?

7.  My friend was at Target today and I sent her a text to pick me up a pair of jeans...I gave her the size and color I wanted...when have I ever done that!!  

8.  I met a woman in the waiting room at dr office.  She was pretty heavy.  I talk to everyone and anyone who will listen to me, so I asked her if she had gotten the lap band...because, thats why we are all there right? WLS - duh... She said she had ~ in February of 2010 and that it didn't work.  WHAT THA?  So I asked her if she was going to go with VSG or Bypass.  She said, no ... I'm done.  I tried .. it didn't work.  What tha balls!!!!  She had SURGERY and gave up??  At that point I shut up and smiled and nodded.  I don't get it.  I mean, I can see gaining back some um eating chocolate like an Olympic champion....but never having lost in the first place and then giving up?  Wow.  It was like looking at the living version of my biggest FEAR.   I felt bad for her.  When I started this jorney, that was my biggest fear ~ the surgery failing me...but now I know that its the other way around...I will NOT FAIL my surgery.  Oh shit, # 8 is like its own blog post...sorry

9.  I hate reading long blog posts...ADD in the house.

10. Tomorrow we start planning our trip to San Fransico and Napa.  Hells yes! 


  1. #8 was my fear too. But, I like you will not fail the band. Maybe that is why it works for us?! Happy real-estate selling!!!!

  2. I also have ADD I think, Hope the fill does the trick, and Good stuff for your 1st close:)

  3. #8 scares me. I don't want this to be me....I want to be the exception so bad. I admire your exercise...I am convinced that is what helps a bander be successful. You inspire me to embrace my athletic side I know is hiding behind all this fat!

  4. The band doesn't fail people, we fail the band. I truly believe that!
    Love your posts! Sorry I've been MIA! Crazy time of year for ranching and such.

  5. Good luck with the new RE non devirginizing!
    I too am afraid of #8 - uggg. I CAN'T be that person!
    Awesome about SF Napa - one of my favorite spots!! My SIL and BIL live there. If you haven't been and need any rec's let me know.

  6. #8 is my biggest fear. Doesn't help when you see unfortunate cases like that... but I think, "75% chance that that lady probably didn't work her band." And though it makes me feel bad for her, it makes me feel better.

    I'm officially going to hell.

  7. Congrats on your first closing!! That is a huge deal!