Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who Pushes Me...

Lap Band Girl did a great post this morning about her Jazzercise Instructor Julie, and she asks "Who Pushes You?"

This girl pushes me ~ I want to be as far from her as possible!

I also have a huge team of cheerleaders!  

They include ~ My husband, My Best Friend x2, A whole slew of women who compete in Iron Man races and other nutty events, Two of my friends are personal trainers and just about everyone I hang with is involved in some type of sport.  (Biking being #1 of course)

It makes a huge difference who you surround yourself with.  Just like when you are a teenager and your mom doesn't want you hanging with the "bad" kids because she fears you will end up doing the same dumb stuff they do.  Its the same for me.  My friends are always talking me into doing some crazy race or midnight ride or something ~ and yes, just about every time I do one of these nutty things I end up in way over my head but have a blast and cant wait for the next time!  
Like now I am doing some 40 mile race in August b/c all my friends are doing it too.  
And yes, if they jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge I probably would too ~ and I'm sure I would have fun doing it!

So the terror of being 241 pounds is what pushed my ass outta bed this morning and into an 8 mile trail run (boooyah Mu@#$%%s!)
And the love and support of an entire village of people is what keeps me signing up for more crazy events each year!  


  1. Just found your blog and you are truly inspiring I am just starting my journey and I love what you have done with yours!

  2. Love that you use your former self as motivation to keep up your current self. Way to go warrior sista!