Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Weigh in

Last week ~ 157.2 ~ post MTB
This week ~ 158.6 ~ pre work out
This week ~ post MTB ~ 156.8 callin it a .4 pound
not sure if its a gain or loss.  will re-weigh after workout~
But i'm guessing its all about the same 

In other exciting news ~
I washed and dried my new size 8 jeans....whoops ~ I held them up this morning ~ eyeing them suspiciously.  I looked at the waist and legs and looked down at my body.  No effin way my brain said..
Then one leg at a time those fuckers fit!!!!  It never gets old! 

I know why I'm not loosing ~ 
I eat candy
I eat Pirates Booty
I eat salted pistachios
I eat pizza
I eat chocolate cake
I eat cookies
I stand over the sink shoveling peanut butter into my face
I eat nachos
This is all sad but true ~ the lap band is not a cure for food addiction.

My therapist pointed out that I'm an adrenalin Junkie and need to try and meditate and slow down....
Today ~ I'll try this.
Tomorrow ~  I'll get Fill 


  1. oh the dreaded dryer!!! So cool they still are a rockstar!

  2. I did the same thing with my jeans after I took them out of the drier to fold them I thought there was no way they would fit me, they looked so tiny! But they did! I guess it takes your brain longer to adjust than your body.

  3. I do that with my jeans, too. I'm like, "Pfft, no way." But then I remember, I am a badass. ;)

    Also... all that stuff has been on my diet lately, too. Oops.