Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Small Victory and photo

The effin drugstore is a gauntlet of hell....
I had to get some makeup for a work party tonight ~ I look like hell and I know there will be lots of pictures so time to Spackle on some Tammy Fae esque makeup.   I digress...

So there I was and holy shit if there weren't two Aisles full of VD candy all in beautiful shiny boxes calling my name.  I wanted to buy the big one but grabbed the small one and planned on going home, pigging out, watching TV and then getting ready to go out.  
But something magical happened.....
I put the candy back.  I want to thank bandedwendy for that. She just did a video on how she talks herself out of eating cookies or whatever.  The phrase "will this get you to goal?"  stuck in my head.
I put back the candy paid for my face paint and got the hell outta there ~ got home and hammered out an 11 mile mountain bike ride ~ That's how I'm getting to goal!  
I'm also running late for the party b/c I'm blogging ~ but fuck it ~ I'll just make a grand entrance to the party in my new dress, new makeup and sugar free body.
Yeah ~ I'm feelin like a million bucks right now ~ 
I put the candy back.....I will make it to goal.
Good night girls!


  1. Cavort out with your Port out!!!!!

  2. I am so proud of you. I need to start asking myself that question too. Maybe I will start to be able to walk away from the m&m's.

  3. Wow put candy back and you are wearing makeup? Tonight is a night for the books!

  4. Great post!! Post some pics!! :) You are a rockstar!

  5. Good save!! You are rocking that little black number!! Have a wine for me!!!:)

  6. Fabulous!! Great choice and lookin' hot! It's a win-win! :-D

  7. Yes, you will! I saw that video, too... I need to take her advice, too... lol