Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Weigh in

Last Week ~ 156.8
This Week ~ 159.2
GAIN ~ 2.4 ~ Woa nelly!

Though shalt not take off 3 days from working out, drink wine, and eat slider foods.

I did go for a 5 mile run this morning.  Time to get this badonkadonk in gear and get these last 17 er 18 lbs off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh ~ work meeting went really well yesterday. Looks like I'll be working a lot more and blogging a lot less... that's a good thang.


  1. Damn it when the scale goes up. I always secretly hold out hope that "just this one time it will forgive my poor choices." ha ha Like that'll ever happen.

  2. Ugh...we'll miss you blogging babycakes!! (warrior cakes of course. /nod)

    I totally get where you are darlin. My problem is I'm still about 35 lbs from goal and not your 17/18'ish. *hugs* We'll get there, it's not a freaking race right? Though we say that we still want to make it to goal in the fastest time I right???


  3. no not blogging less......I'm selfish!

  4. I'm with Jenn... no less bloggying.

    Gonna miss your face around here as much, honey badger.