Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday ~ NSV

Let me start by saying that I would buy this dress just so I could throw a theme party around it.  
One of my best friends is getting married so we went wedding dress shopping.  White is soooo 2009.   I would go green if I could.  

So Wednesday weigh in ~ 162 ~ how the fuck that happened is beyond me (liar).  I saw 155.6 on Friday.  Just sayin.  Add wine, cheese, mac n cheese and chocolate with a crazy work weekend and behold ~ fat ass in da house. 

What should I do differently ~ prepare my food ~ doing that tonight ~ chick pea curry and have a bunch of shakes ready for the week

Run more ~ yes

Give up Sugar and Alcohol for lent ~ I am not  a religious woman and when asked, I will say I am Buddhist ~ but I think these Catholics may be onto something with the winter detox.

So ~ there ye have it ~ a huge gain and lime green dress ~ if I had 750 bucks that fucker would be coming with me!  
NSV ~ it was off the rack size 10.  and I was wearing jeans under it. ha


  1. I puffy heart love that dress. So much so that I told my Hubs that if we ever renew our wedding vows --- that's my dress.

  2. LOVE it! There'a a blue based, but multi-colored tulle, I'm guessing, slightly incandescent prom dress at David's Bridal up here. I would probably buy it. If I were 15. Going to a prom. Or just for fun. Huge NSV though. Hooray for 10!

  3. OMG that is beautiful and you look great in that.... I would want to wear that to SOMETHING!!

  4. My favorite color is green-You look great,you're right ,that dress deserves a party thrown!!:)

  5. Oh, that dress is great. I wonder what my DIL would say if I wore that to her wedding???

  6. I see the green dress. Not exactly my style of course but I LOVE the color! So fun.

  7. I needs one, too. Let's get matching ones.