Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! and weigh in ...

Start Weight - March 2011- 241
Lowest post surgery 155
Last Sunday ~ 169
This Sunday ~ 165.2
Loss of 3.8!!
1 Full week sugar free....holy balls I did it....and I feel great! 
Last night I went MTB and had so much energy.
I must remember this and stay on the path today at Easter Dinner...I'm very very nervous that I will have some wine and then say fuck it and dive in....The obvious solution would be no wine.. because wine is sugar too.... hum - I shall meditate on it whilst at Sunday Mass (AKA - epic 3 hour mountain bike ride - my church is free and was built by mother nature)

I only have one quick appointment today -  a walkthrough at a property that is closing tomorrow.  Then its off to the woods! 

I hope everyone that celebrates Easter will have a nice day with their family and friends - and those that don't take advantage of this beautiful Sunday and get outside!

Stopped here yesterday for a vista with a rental customer -
Life is beautiful - Montauk- ditch 

 End of my MTB Ride last night

 Jake - houseguest! - He is going home today :(

Jakey on the go!

 Jake, Sammy and half of Ed - running in the marsh

New Grips for my race bike - Lizard Skinz - pink with green clamp with skulls on them - so badass...

Ok - enough of Jake and Ed


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friday

It was a very good Friday!

All this craziness at work is paying offThank you!

The weather here finally took a turn for spring.  I ran on the beach in the morning and mid-run stopped to sit on a rock and let the sunshine wash over me.  Calmness is a practice.

I worked a half day - 8-4Then a post work mountain bike ride with a friend - followed by a field trip to the beach with the dogs.  Can't hate on that.

Food was good - still sugar freeI'm not reading every label but mainly I don't eat food with labels - or try not to.  I don't use artificial sweeteners and my main drink of choice is water - and tea/coffee - I'm so lucky soda has never been a thing for me.  I feel for my girl Robyn on that struggle! My drug of choice has always been in the candy form or ice cream.

Yesterday I had a green juice, Egg Salad Sandwhich from sbux, and tuna fish with some melted cheese (shouldda skipped the cheese) Then settled in for popcorn in the evening... have to figure out a replacement for that.

I'm going to share something that might make me seem a legit way.   
Often times I have the abitility to aniticipate outcomes very acurately - like when I'm driving, I always know where the car ahead of me will turn off - long before they signal, and also have vivid dreams that will come true the following day....Also have "visits" in my sleep from loved ones that have crossed over.  Up until today I thought it was mostly my brain working through grief...Usually it is Andrew my friend who stops in from time to time.
Last night was different.  It was so real - my friend's mom came to me...I have never met her and this is a new friend, I have know him about a year and he never talks about his mom.  She passed suddenly 3 or 4 years ago.  After the visit - I woke up sobbing in the middle of the night... she also kept referring to these two halfs of a book on a shelf in the kitchen ... not sure why.  Anyway it was so real and she said some very specific things... I'm a bit freaked.

Anyway.  Maybe its still part of the sugar detox...

mtb mass for good friday - 

Sibling love

 Breakfast - Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon parsley :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Two days..

Until my day off!!!  I can not wait!  - just having the phone not ring is going to be awesome!

So here I 6 no sugar...I almost forgot I was even doing this...its getting easier.  

Yesterday I had 
Green Juice 
Vegan bean Burrito home made
2 eggs - sprinkle of cheese -(bad girl!)
popcorn - not the whole bag! -winning!

The popcorn happened because last night when I thought I would be chillin - I ended up working and having to negotiate - I hate is not my strong skill - and as things started to get hectic I became sooooo hungry.  I know why - that is how I cope with stress..In that moment for the very first time I realized it - and recognized it and then mindfully ate the popcorn - not hating on that at all.

I love my local Health Food cafe - those girls rock and take care of me - I call them ahead on my way into work tell them how I feel and they make me a juice based on how I feel - yesterday was all greens, lemon and ginger!

I got in a dreadmill workout yesterday - slow and steady - my lungs really feel it still - tonight I WILL MTB!!!! Yes!

My sundresses came yesterday - some I like - some I do not...but when trying them on - I was all - where the eff did this belly come from??  Flip - toning makes a huge difference and I have been lax in that area - so Jillian's Shred arrived here on bitch!

9 Days till Puerto Rico - I will weep when I get on the plane... I can not wait!          

Thursday, March 28, 2013

TTT ~ YUuuuuuuuuP

1.  Ok - so I watch Storage Wars...

2. Acupuncture appointment was A-MA-Zing! - It was more than just acupuncture - he went over everything - I am going for help with my food/sugar addiction and stress.

3.  I had a massage and some needling - and he sent me home with a tea to make for 6 days and I have tiny balls placed behind my ears to help calm me down

4.  I am still sugar free - and he told me to stay off dairy too - I know this - he said dairy aka milk and anything made with milk - cheese and yogert - is really for baby cows to help them get big quickly - I am not a baby cow...(even though I feel like it at times) So therefore I do not need to ingest mama cow milk. 

5. Another interesting tid bit he told me - if you crave sugar and really want your favorite - aka peanut butter cups - you can have them, have as many as you want- but you must line them up on the counter and think and ask each one before you eat it - who is eating who?  - = MIND BLOWN.  I love this guy and I've only seen him once.

6.  Still have not watched the news ..getting most of my news from FaceBook..So as far as I can tell the big issue is marriage equality - which is so silly that our courts are even debating this as an issue?  Crazy - people who love each other should be married - nuff said.

7. Easter Sunday - I am taking the whole day off!  Drawing a line in the sand and not taking any appointments.  I get to have a holy day or two .... I shall celebrate and meditate on the arrival of Spring while whipping through the trails on my mountain one does. :)

8. mini donkey

9. Kale Kale everywhere - For those that don't know - Kale Chips are the easiest most awesome in the world - take kale -wash and dry - cut out big stalks and put pieces on cookie sheet - spritz with olive oil spay **lightly** and bake in oven for 10 minutes at 450 - and BOOM - Kale chips!
and Kale in my shake too :) 
10 -  my Tea is ready - have a calm day....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WTF Wednesday

Yesterday was insane.  But a huge victory happened - In between appointments I stopped home to grab some kitcheree (home made -yumm) and what the hell was on the counter.....
I almost flogged Mo for bringing the devil into our house!  and my favorite Tagalongs. 

I managed to say no.  So yes - still sugar free and I feel calmer.  I focused on how crappy my swim suit would feel when vacation comes around.  

Today there will be some exercise in my future. I'm feeling up to it again and I know it will only help to push me over the hump.  Yesterday was a beautiful day - I'm bummed I missed out on MTB - didn't get home from work until after 8pm.   I know this will all pay off.

Check out this site ( - I've been using it to keep calm.  :) 

I'm focusing on the journey of every day - every challenge is an opportunity.   

Jake is definitely one of us!

Kale chips for a snack - they make me smile

Any product that promises -  reawaken, rebirth, repurpose and redefine is fine with me!
And it was full of chia seeds - I had this after my green juice -and it kept me full for most of the day

 Jake and Ed - buddies sunning!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 3 no sugar...

Two days sugar free!  Miracles happen.
I have to know that it is a drug and I must stay clear.  My cold is almost gone and I see some cardio in my future.

Keeping with the getting back on track theme - tomorrow I am going to acupuncture.  I haven't been in over 8 years.  Should be a good time. 

Yesterday I had a protein shake, green juice, kitcheree, kale chips, tunafish some cheese and popcorn.  Not too shabby - the trouble zone is the evening when I'm working from home...munchies set in. 

But like I said yesterday - any way forward is good - or like Cat says progress not perfection!

I did some turbo shopping online for some vacation clothes - less than two weeks to PR!  and I got the Jillian - shred video - LBG is inspiring me.    

Eliminating the news from my life has been a blessing - now in the morning I'm watching MTV - nothing like some rap videos to make a girl feel Gangsta in the morning #baller!

Have a magical day!

Monday, March 25, 2013

By the bootstraps.

Thank you guys for your comments yesterday - they mean so much to me.  It hard to think of being a success when I am far down in the struggle. 

But I have good news to report - Yesterday was a sugar free day!  Whether that was because of the cold I have or will power or whatever - its all good.  

I've been on a purging kick - not the vomit kind - but the extra crap in my life  - like getting rid of the dirt pile in my driveway, the leaf pile on my property and yesterday - my dog car.  

Yes, we had an old beater car/suv that I used every day to take the dogs to the beach - she only had to go 2 miles a day - was the inspection expired, sure - power steering - not so much - and a whole list of things wrong with it - but as long as she started we would limp our way to the beach everyday.  Yesterday she died.  
AT the beach. I didn't feel like putting another dollar into her - and didn't want to pay to have her towed.  I found a guy, through a guy and another guy showed up and gave me 300 bucks for her and is handling the whole situation.  
RIP trailblazer.... 
I love when shit gets done.  :)

That was awesome.  

Whats my plan for today?  
Take it EASY.
Protein shake for breakfast
Green juice for snack
Lunch - kitcheree

I'm still not watching the news - it makes a huge difference in my day!

So Shine on today - Even thought its about to snow here today - I will be focused on spring!  

 This is Jake - he is staying here for the week - I love him

Cash for the clunker!

 Adios  - you served me well.