Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday ~ randomness

Weekend re-cap:
I had a totally nutz weekend with work and yesterday was Mo's Birthday! 
Saturday was one of those days that just keeps going and I meant to be prepared food wise but there were peanut m&ms involved and a whole lot of snacking - but I made it through the day...barely.
Sunday was an awesome day for Mo!  
We started the day out having breakfast with my in laws at a little restaurant on a golf course - pre band I would have had a short stack or a waffle with whip cream and hash that I'm banded - mornings are tight - so it was lots of coffee and few spoonfuls of oatmeal.

Then we went to a Jazz brunch - not my choice and neither one of is into Jazz but Mo scored some tickets and the singer is world famous ~ so we went.  Now, I get super twitchy in places where I can't get out quickly and this venue was one of those - in a room with one exit and assigned seating around little tables with lunch served and there was no way to get up and leave if you wanted to slip out early without disrupting the entire performance.... thank god there was wine - I ended up getting plowed to make it through the event -3  hours on a beautiful day but it wasn't horrible - and Mo always likes to try new things. As he said yesterday - sometimes you just gotta roll the dice - very profound...ha! I told him I'm getting that tattooed on my arm!
Post Jazz lunch - we went MTB - very interesting as I was pretty tipsy but nice none the less!  
We had friends for dinner and it was the first time I've cooked in months - coconut curry tofu...and fresh sweet corn..mmmm
oh and I made one of those awesome cakes from the box - classy!
I love my Mo.
Its back to work today and fall is in the air - I desperately need to go shopping - brrrrr 

Not sure why I just ate a bowl of frozen yogurt with sprinkles for breakfast - could be because I told Mo to throw out the cake so I wouldn't eat it - subconscious rebellion?    

I'm going MTB again today - its good to be back in the woods!
Plan for the week - get in 60 miles run/bike

This week is going to be a rough one for me - its the 1 year anniversary of Andrew's death on Thursday, this is what I had to say about it last year .   So, I'm going to be kind to myself and just get through it.  


  1. Oh gosh, I do not do well when placed in the middle of a room with no possibility of exit. *shudder* Good for you for getting through it.

    So sorry about your loss - I hope this week goes smoothly for you.

  2. Wow, can't believe it's been a year, babe. :(

    Glad you had a great weekend. Sorry for my downer crap today. Had to talk to somebody!

  3. Sorry about your loss. ((hugs)) Hope you have a peaceful week.