Monday, September 3, 2012


Today, after uploading my garmin to daily mile (NERD) I looked at the total milage so far for the year - its 1133!  I asked Mo if he thought I could crush it to 2000 miles for the year ~ he said hells yes - thats easy at 50 Miles a week.  I'm going to try and do the rest of the year with 75% MTB 10% Run and 15% Road Miles....
Game on!  Its crazy how this adds up!  

Had a great Labor Day in the Woods today - First day of the season!  I road about 14 miles on a clear beautiful day with friends.  

No complaints here...

Serpents Back Trail....wooohooo

Cyrills Overlook - looking back across the stretch to Amagansett

The Boys

Food - not too shabby - 2 protein shakes - some chips, guac and watermelon with a side of salad. 


  1. You can crush those miles out no problem. I like the idea of making a goal to hit by the end of the year. I am going to make one.

  2. That is awesome! Also, I'm jealous that you have such beautiful surroundings to exercise in! I'm stuck in a concrete jungle!

  3. Is it bad what when I saw the bottom pic I thought, "The Girls"? LOL

    I love this challenge!

  4. That's amazing - both your goal and how far you've already gone!

  5. wow! check out those miles! that is awesome

  6. You are a beast!!! You are killing the game. I'm super proud of you. Maybe I will break out my one speeder and try to go around the block. LOL

  7. That is awesome! I know that you will totally do it!

  8. You are a badass! Of course you will crush the challenge! You go girl!