Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day!!!!!!

I'm going mountain biking ~  Woo hoooo!    Screw the ticks - I can't take it anymore!

Here is a photo spectacular from the Grand Prix tent at the Hampton Classic - I was focusing on Hot Messes and Botox Disasters - It was pretty awesome - saw 1 Housewife from NYC - Jill.

Range with the License Plate saying Pension - discuss....

That is a chicken for a center piece ....odd 

Hot Mess


Retiring the green dress after today....

Botox disaster

These boy had some style!

Sail boat on its side - why would you stay in the channel?? Sammy is checking it out!

Rodrigo Passoa - Brazilian olympian 


  1. I like the green dress! Looks like lots of fun and a great place to people watch for sure!

  2. OMG Why would anyone do that to there face- why????
    Fun pictures. Your green dress looks good. Why retire it?

  3. Why retire the green dress? It's awesome!

    Well, upon closer inspection... it's a bit big.

    Love that you had fun!

  4. what great people watching...I too like the green it being retired because next summer you'll be in a smaller size?

  5. I LOVE that green dress. Retire it to my closet! lol. It will be my inspiration dress. Bwahahaha.

  6. Snort...laugh...Botox disasters...classic!