Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Advice ~ weigh in wednesday postponed..

I've been moping around wishing I could hire a life coach (other than Ed the dog) who would get me back on track and tell me how to loose again.  
I need a mentor....then I remembered....wait I know someone.   She is very close to me and has had success with the lap band - has lost 80 pounds and turned her life around.  
Who is it?  
Its This Girl

I asked her how does one lose weight and get from 241 to 162 er ish...

  • Drink 100 oz of water a day
  • Exercise six days a week - two of those include strength training - working out twice a day won't kill you
  • Eat Real Food - even if its a pain in the ass and takes a while to eat
  • Sliders are not OK! 
  • You have to replace old habits with new ones - instead of reaching for sweets when you are stressed out, have some tea
  • Find an activity that you love and do it over and over and over again - Biking would fit that description.
  • It is not okay to reward yourself with food
  • Have a plan and stick to it.
  • You will get to goal if you follow the rules
  • Its always going to be work - you have to make it part of your lifestyle

Its not rocket science....follow the have come this far...

September 2010 around 215/220
Vermont 50 Race...daaaam - September 2010

March 2012 ....about 156 pounds


  1. She is a smart girl. I say you listen to her!!!

  2. Hey, I know that gal! :)

    I'm thinkin' packing snacks will definitely help. Do you like pistachios? Those are always a good choice!

  3. I love that gal! She's one of my favorites. Do exactly what she recommends. :)

    I've been struggling too hon. I have recently recommitted to nutrition and fitness though and while it's not as easy as ice cream and chocolate, it hasn't been that hard after the first couple of days to keep my focus. You can do this. *hugs Warrior*

  4. Listen to her when she talks like this...but don't listen to her when she talks about cookies...

  5. You look great, Vanessa...and have great advice too!

  6. What a bright girl! Who needs a life coach when you go to bed each night with a girl like that? You've got it figured out!

  7. Hey! That girl's one of my life coaches, too! (but don't tell her, I don't think she knows!)

  8. Awesome you have a smart friend so close! ;)

  9. GREAT ADVICE! Keep that girl close! :)

  10. that is a great list of advice! i'm stealing it, framing it and stamping it on my forehead!

  11. Sounds like she knows what she's taking about!


  12. I can't even believe that was you! You totally rock and you got this. You're amazing.

  13. Catching up on old blog posts. Great advice. Eat REAL food. Even if it takes awhile. Great advice!