Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Re- cap

From the Bridge in Sag Harbor - on my ride at 7:15 in the morning

First off ~ made my 50 mile goal for the week - crammed in a 20 mile bike ride yesterday before work to get it done - first solo ride on the road...and I got a flat at mile 10...managed to fix it all by myself ***super awesome**

Went shopping on Saturday with my awesome stylist KLF.  Got seven jeans/cords, two dresses, shoes, a blazer and the standard button down RL dress shirt.  Going to NYC this afternoon to finish the project.

Manda Panda at candyland to bandland had a great post about goal - I could have written the same post word for word.  I have decided the following - per my text to Ronnie over the weekend  "I'm calling Goal at 155 - and when I'm back into my 8's.  - that's six pounds away and a lot of boot camp and toning"  I think that 145 is not going to happen.  I don't want to live in a place where I have to starve and spend 3 hours a day working out to maintain an unrealistic #.  I started this journey to be able to live free from anxiety over my body - I'm pretty much there.

Plan for this week:

Going to NY Today - hello Thai Food!
Get in my 50 miles - 
Boot camp or TRX
Its going to be a great week!

ugg pugg

Tire FAIL!


  1. Great job on fixing the flat, Vanessa!

  2. OK, that's it. You've convinced me. I'm setting my goal at 155 too! I was there once, back when my band was so tight I couldn't even swallow spit, and I've never seen that number again. I know if I could reign in the sweets and carbs I'd be all set! I think I just lost my oomph once I got to a normal size and the weight loss slowed down. Let's see if I can get it back now!

  3. SOOO proud of you for fixing that flat girl. I think I'm with FitBy40 that once I got into normal sized clothing (YOUR 12s & 14s thank YOU very much haha) I have been just cruising along. 145 may be out of my realm, but I'm going to set my sites on your 155 too and see what that gets me. I believe while I'm much healthier than I was at 270 of course, I still have a bit more work to do. Just need to continue as I have been and take it a lb or 2 at a time. *hugs*