Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday!

Last week - 162.4 
This week 162.2 
Loss - .2
I'll take it since yesterday the scale said 165...

Yesterday was a wakeup call -  I went to the outlets shopping with a friend.  First of all, I haven't been shopping outside of TJ Maxx and Target in years.  I had no idea the wonders that the outlets hold!  Kate Spade - yes please!  Lucky Brand jeans - hells yes, Polo, Calvin, Banana and so much more!   I was dizzy with wonder. 

It would have been awesome if I had 3 Large to blow on clothing, it would have been even more awesome if I wasn't a size larger than I want to be and yup my 10s were tight as flip.  

This is not going to be a whiny post - I've turned it around.  Yesterday I ate clean/sugar free and went MTB with Mo and a friend.  Yay!  As Kelly pointed out yesterday, everyone has days where they go off the rails - even the skinny people - its how fast you get back to good habits and healthy lifestyle that matters.  

I bought two dresses - will post photos at some point - I was looking for the fall version of the "sun dress" - easy slip on and go - Victory!  My  favorite of the two is a Valerie Bertinelli dress - so funny - I'm one moment away from being a lifetime for women made for tv drama...ha!

The craziest thing about yesterday was shopping with my friend - she is gorgeous, 5'8 and size 6 - but she is usually a size 4.  She was having the same drama about clothes fitting that I was.  Its funny when you are able to get out of your own fat girl drama and realize that, yes - everyone has clothes drama and no matter what size you are, if don't feel your best, you are not going to be happy or look your best.

We are going to put our heads down and get down a size and try shopping in October - In the mean while, I'll be making a wish list. 

Plan for today - 
Run 5K
protein packed lunch - not sure what yet but it must have protein!
Its my friends Birthday today and I am making a box cake - I'm going to think of it a toxic (which it basically is) and NOT have any!


  1. EVERYONE has clothes drama?!?!! I've never been shopping with a skinny girl, so this is news to me. And I love it.

    Do great today!

  2. You've got today by the--- well, you know.

  3. Woot!! Clothes shopping is such a newly fun experience for me - I'm still amazed that I can shop at regular stores now, but I just have to watch, because it can get a bit pricey!

    You are ROCKING today - yay you!!

  4. oh I got drama! I can go up 4 pounds in ONE day and everything will be tight around the belly. I hate it!
    Good for you for going shopping and getting some dresses.

  5. Good luck avoiding the toxic cake. I made cupcakes last week for hubby and was weak. So no baking for awhile!! Lol. Sounds like a solid day planned. Enjoy your run.

  6. *heart u* Warrior. : ) I cannot wait for the dress pictures. I so needs some fall clothes. : )

  7. I love shopping at outlet malls. We don't have one in my town, so I only go about once a year...and it's about that time :)

  8. I am a TJMaxx addict! They have everything. Right now it is so frusterating for me to buy clothes. I'm in between sizes right now so I relate to the clothes drama.