Sunday, September 2, 2012

Its the home stretch ~ Labor day weekend - 
Yesterday I ran 2 miles and dammit I didn't feel like it at all - each step I took was annoying and i was not happy about it.  But something happened - about the minute I hit 1.3 miles - the good feeling crept up on me.  Duh.  Exercise always makes me feel better.    
Thanks to Ronnie for keeping me line - boy does it take a village these days..

Food choices yesterday -
Shake for breakfast 
Ice Cream Cookie sandwich..yeah, I know
Corona - I was at the beach...
Cookies from Momofuko - holy shit - once in a lifetime cookies - all mushie and yummy in a secret location that we had to hunt down in Montauk
Roasted corn - no butter or anything
Fresh Mozzarella....Dammit!

Today I will do better.  Running shortly and then Mo and I are riding bikes later.

Here's the thing.  Now that I no longer have hangups about going out in public - my answer is always Hell Yes when I'm invited to places or events, and some of these events involve poor quality food or alcohol.  I have been to the beach more times this year than the past 5 years put together - I have been to parties and made new friends who are awesome and fun.  Its a life I thought would never be possible 80 pounds ago.  So this summer has been super fun - but I have to remember that just because my friends can eat and drink like its no big deal, I still have to be careful.  And, yes, its ok to say no.  The damage is not horrible - 162.2 - but its time to get back into a routine.  

Hamptons Free Ride - recognize the hat?  Free rides to the beach and they give away free stuff in their electric cars - I heart them!

Cookie/milk bar in a top secret location tucked behind a clothing store in an alley...appropriate for sugar junkies

Yes - they have pie called Crack!  - I was skerred of that  - so I stayed with the cookies...

Back of Crack Alley for sugar junkies!

2 miles - getting back on the wagon....feels good, kinda.

Mo and ed.....Passed out. ha!


  1. Way to get back on track with running. Sounds like it has been a fun summer. Glad you enjoyed yourself and are trying to stay mindful. There are always healthy choices to be found out there with the bad. It is finding the strength to say no to the bad more often then yes. ;)

  2. You're so damn cute! I love that milk bar. I shall visit you one day and go with you. We shall get cookies and crack pie together.

    Or maybe we'll just order a large water.

    Who knows?

  3. Oh I want me some crack pie! great pic you little cutie!